Best Color Combinations For Herringbone Pattern

There are unique ways in which herringbone tile patterns can be laid. The fact remains that the herringbone pattern is the most-used tile pattern in the world because it gives room for combining different colors of rectangular pieces of tiles to form something unique and beautiful. Visit to know about the best Herringbone Tiles Pattern.

What are we saying in essence? We are here to show you different colors that one can combine to create an outstanding herringbone tile pattern that will be the talk of the town. As a contractor, do you know some colors can work hand-in-hand to give your work an outstanding performance? Or, are you looking for a way to render something unique that is quite different from what you’ve been doing before? We will advise you to pay rapt attention to this write-up as we will be unfolding some colors of tiles you can combine to form a unique herringbone tile pattern that will bring more projects. 

However, what are the positive results you will derive when you combine different tiles for a project? Firstly, it is expedient for you to know that when colors that can merge are being combined, there’s a tendency that one will get something attractive. Therefore, when one combines different shades of tiles to form a herringbone pattern, one is trying to show another higher level of creativity in installing herringbone tile. Herringbone tile itself is beautiful, but when one tries to add up some colors that will blend in a specific place, one is likely to get or render a tiling service beyond expression. 

Also, the idea of combining tiles of different colors to create a herringbone tile pattern can boost a company’s name because people will like to contact companies that can do something extraordinary to work on their project. If you want to get the complete picture of what we are saying, you can start your surveying by checking out the beauty one can derive from combining colors. Click here to read about Best White Tiles That Can Be Used For Herringbone patterns.

Therefore, this article is meant for contractors and professional tilers seeking to know how to do something different, rational, beautiful, and unique to improve their services. Not only that, but we will also be discussing the specific places where the combined colors are strictly meant for. Below here are the colors of tiles that one can combine to form a stunning herringbone tile pattern:

  1. Indigo and Navy blue: Naturally, there’s a way these two colors blend. To achieve an eye-catching herringbone tile pattern, one can combine tiles with indigo and navy blue colors. However, it is expedient for you to know that you are to use the two colors intertwined. Mind you, the indigo color and the navy blue color must be of the same category. Combining these two colors to form a herringbone pattern will be suitable to cover walls in the bedroom. Usually, people like to use colors that are naturally cool in their bedroom. Therefore, introducing the combination of these two colors in creating herringbone tiles will be an advantage. 
  2. Black and white: Have you ever seen a living room with a herringbone tile pattern in black and white? Of course, we all know that white colors can blend with any color that seems to be profound. Black and white tiles forming herringbone tile patterns will bring a kind of illumination to a living room. Furthermore, these two unique colors are suitable for places that need to lighten up. Also, it is the best color combination of tiles to form a herringbone pattern in offices. Therefore, as a contractor, you can combine these two colors of tiles to create a herringbone pattern. Try it today; it will bring forth more projects.
  3. Lilac and purple: These unique tiles can be used to create a herringbone tile pattern suitable for walls in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Lilac and purple are colors that go in line with each other. In the world of color today, lilac and purple have maintained the lead position for years when it comes to colors that will bring out one’s level of creativity. Hence, ensure that you cut your tiles in the exact measurement and make sure you creatively hook up these two tiles when installing the herringbone tile pattern. Based on our research, we found out that lilac and purple are combinations of attractive colors to females. We have given you this clue to help you know the specific places to use these unique colors. For instance, you can add up the usage of these two colors to cover the walls in the bedroom when you are dealing with a female client.
  4. Cream and chocolate: Herringbone tile pattern in cream and chocolate will be a good one. When herringbone tiles are fixed together in cream and chocolate colors, one will likely achieve a design that will captivate people’s hearts. These two colors can be used to cover walls in the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. Also, to make it more colorful, the herringbone tiles in cream color on walls can face each other while the other color on walls will be on opposite sides. Just picture the beauty.
  5. Gold and silver: We have seen some offices in Australia with the combination of tiles in gold and silver color to form a herringbone tile pattern. These two-color combinations of tiles are best used in offices, photography studios, and places that require lightening up. However, herringbone tile patterns in gold and silver are not typical in homes because they might look too flashy on walls and bring excess illumination in homes. Therefore, one can only consider combining these two colors to create herringbone tile patterns on walls for commercial use.


This unique way is one of the ways to show something exceptional and different to your client. Of course, if you want to be relevant in the tiling business, it is expedient for you to know how to use tiles of different colors creatively to form a stunning and well-organized herringbone tile pattern.

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Best White Tiles That Can Be Used For Herringbone Pattern

White tiles on walls and floors help to assure luminosity and visually expand the environment where it is being laid. It is a type of tile that is most preferred over dark colors in smaller places. White tiles are considered the most affordable of all types of tiles, but one might be surprised that the extra charge for other colors is not that high. Therefore, since most of all white tiles are made from marble, it is suitable for herringbone tile patterns. Now, what is white herringbone tile? To know about herringbone click here.

White herringbone tile is a polished white marble tile that is being laid in a herringbone pattern. It can be used to cover walls in bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Likewise, it is a type of tile that is useful for both residential and commercial use. White herringbone tiles have been one of the most populous tiles in Australia because no color doesn’t merge with them. With white herringbone tiles in a kitchen, one can easily combine other materials with different colors to beautify the kitchen. Not only that but white herringbone tile can also fit-in in the bathroom.

White herringbone tiles are crisp, clean, and classic. It is a type of tile that one can use to achieve a timeless and bright appearance. However, having known the meaning of white tiles, it is expedient to let you know how to maintain them.

One can maintain white herringbone tiles by cleaning up the debris. When a tile is being used to create a herringbone pattern on the wall or floor, one needs to regularly sweep or vacuum the tile to keep it from getting dull. Also, you can use soapy water, that is, a mixture of soap and warm water, to clean your white herringbone tiles. There are other things you can use to clean up white tiles to keep them shinning. You can use baking soda to clean any stains on it; you can also use ammonia-water and vinegar solutions.

┬áDo you intend to install white tiles in a herringbone pattern, and you don’t know the best product to buy? This article is right here to show you the best white tiles that you can use to create a herringbone pattern. We’ve taken our time to look out for the best white tiles that will give your walls some touch that is beyond expression. Therefore, below here are the white tiles product you can use for the herringbone pattern:

  1. Super white polished tile: Super white polished tile is made of porcelain. It is 300 x 300mm. It is clean, effortless, and elegant. The super white polished series retains style peculiarity for prestigious interiors. It is one of the best tiles that one can use to form a herringbone tile pattern. It is relatively cheap. This unique tile is available in stores around you, and you can as well get them online.
  2. Como white matt tile: this unique white tile is made of ceramics. You can create a classic style with the Como series. Furthermore, it comprises high-grade ceramic tiles in 6 matt and gloss color options in different sizes. One can use this tile in a herringbone pattern. It is not expensive, and it is easy to get. Como matt finish tiles are relatively less reflective and duller than gloss tiles. However, their less smooth surface makes them ideal for floor and wall application creating a calm, comforting space in your home and office. 

Matt finish tiles are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and entry hallways. Also, they can be used in high foot traffic areas because they are durable and have good slip resistance.

The most significant benefit of matt finish tiles is that they don’t scratch easily and retain their look for a long time.

  1. Simplicity limestone Natural tile: Herringbone tile pattern can be derived from this tile because it is versatile, modern looking, and suitable for floor and wall application. Simplicity limestone natural finish tiles also have a higher slip resistance technology and can be used in diverse areas around the home. However, simple limestone natural tiles tend to match their surroundings very well. And they are suitable for use on the floors of bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor areas such as balconies. These tiles don’t scratch as easily as gloss tiles. They are also made of ceramics.
  2. Pressed edge white gloss tile: These products are made of ceramics tiles.  Pressed edge white gloss tile is glazed and has a reflective/mirror shine that makes rooms seem more significant and brighter. These products also give a high-impact and glamorous look. It is suitable for use on kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, and fireplaces. Pressed edge white glass tile is not expensive, and it is easy to get. They are available in tile stores around you, and you can as well get them online.
  3. Emirates wall Bianco gloss tile: It is made from ceramic tiles. It is one of the most-used white tiles in Australia. Emirates has been maintaining the lead position for quality white tiles because it will make the room look bigger and brighter. It is suitable for covering both walls and floors of bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Emirates has a stylish natural stone appearance. And with that appearance, this product tends to add more impressions to any space. It varies in size, and it is cheap and easy to get.


Therefore, if you want a herringbone pattern that will bring illumination and add more impressions to your home and office, then you need to consider using white tiles. Of course, there are many white tiles in the tile industry, but we’ve taken much time to bring out the best white tiles with good quality for you. Also, we briefly discussed how to maintain white tiles. We highlighted some materials one can use to clean it and make it look stunning and shining. Therefore, with the above-listed white tiles, we believe you can achieve something unique and attractive. 

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